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4 Paid Apps That Are Free For Now

Another week, another slew of great apps that are now free for a limited time. Snap these up now guys, before you end up kicking yourself for missing them. I know there are a couple that Marnie Bennett will be looking to download.


Awesome tech allows this to take some pretty amazing panoramic photos. You can take the photos more quickly, but also you can take hands free panoramic images. By placing the phone on a flat, level surface, utilizing the phones vibrate function, Cycloramic can take a panoramic image totally hands free.

-Sol Weather

Provides the most up to date weather information, and what the forecast looks like for the rest of your day, and week. Allowing you to better plan activities, or make sure you take an umbrella with you to work that day.


Aggregates news from all of your social apps into one easy to sift through feed. Allowing you to get all of the news that matters to you, in a much more streamlined fashion. That way you don’t have to check Twitter, Facebook, and Google + just to get some information.

-Scanner Pro

The perfect scanner app for saving documents, business cards, and everything in between. This is perfect for people that want to be able to keep written, or physical documents with them on their phone. Especially ideal for carrying old information, birth certificates, and even works of art.


North Carolina Police Have Been Violating Your Cell Phone Privacy For Years

Worried about the NSA tapping your phone? Don’t worry, looks like the local North Carolina PD has already been on the case. A local police department has been privately gathering data collected from cell phones in the area, utilizing military grade surveillance equipment.

The technology is only supposed to be used for monitoring criminal suspects, but the local PD have been using it to monitor all citizens in the surrounding area. The Charlotte-Mecklenberg police department has been utilizing faux cell phone towers, that are capable of collecting all of the data stored on cell phones, laptops, and other electronics within range.

That police department also serves more than one million residents, so their reach is disturbingly far. According to the report published in the Observer, the surveillance system has been in use for more than 8 years, and has been targeting private citizens that have never committed a crime.

But local legal courts support the invasion of privacy. Saying that it’s a necessary tool when when trying to investigate crimes.

…So, what they’re telling us is your FreedomPop browsing history is subject to police scrutiny, even if you’re a private citizen that’s never committed a crime in your life.

Right to privacy is a thing of the past.